Share the Love on V-Day

POSTED: Feb 6, 2023

Photo by Ron Lach  from Pexels:

And the song goes like “…Two in love can make it. Take my heart and please don't break it. Love was made for me and you.” You’ve heard it either on the radio, playing in your house when you were younger, or even in romantic movies you grew up watching. We have been fed the concept of heteronormative love and given it its own special day: Valentine’s Day; a day for candy, flowers, and romantic dates, for those in a relationship, and for some of us not in one, a day of loneliness and why not, maybe even a little sadness, as well. This holiday cranks up gender pressures and stereotypes from 1 to 100, in ONE DAY!

Romantic love is amazing, don’t get me wrong. Those in healthy relationships should celebrate their love on V-Day, for sure! However, the world is changing the way we view societal norms, and we are breaking free of outdated paradigms that used to keep us feeling inadequate and failing at the life we are meant to have…. you know, the partner, the house, the kids, the holding hands when old, sitting on a park bench, dying together like in The Notebook, that stuff.

We now know that much of what shaped our society came from the heterosexual white male, point of view. It is safe to blame Valentine’s Day on one of these men. So if we all can agree that fewer and less people want to be in a relationship, or even in a “conventional” relationship, we need to carve a healthier approach to a day that nobody in the world can avoid.

Our creative team was thinking about how to approach this year’s Valentine’s Day Sales Event, and we know our devices are the bomb and that your partner would be very lucky if you chose from our discounted collection, but then again, we would not be taking a stance for the rest of us who fall between the cracks and have no partner to give to.

So, we thought about what makes love, love. We asked ourselves what love meant.

After some time, we were able to narrow it down to these three components:




And this is how we came up with Share the Love. We are going to ask you two things: Love yourself first, this V-Day. And then share this love with someone else in your life you feel encompasses these three beautiful components of love. We are offering you a $20.00 dollar discount on any purchase of over $100.00 and we are ALSO, giving you an additional coupon code with $20.00 dollars off to share with that special someone.

Use Discount Code #SHARETHELOOVE

We are encouraging you to show love to others, and show love to yourself.

If you cannot make a purchase at this time, take this Valentine’s Day to share some sandwiches with someone on the street, help someone at work, be understanding to others, and share the goodness in your heart with the world. Don’t gatekeep that. We need more of it.

With Loove, from Loop.