A Gift to Our Planet

POSTED: Dec 26, 2022

At Loop, our objective is to tackle the enormous polluting problem caused by E-waste; encouraging people to buy refurbished technology and fight against the world’s fastest-growing waste stream, aggressively.

What is E-Waste?

E-waste, or electronic waste, refers to discarded electronic devices and components that are no longer needed or wanted. These devices often contain hazardous materials, such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which can have negative impacts on the environment and human health if not properly disposed of.

Some of the effects include:

  1. Pollution: E-waste can release harmful substances into the air, water, and soil, leading to environmental pollution.
  2. Human Health Risks: The hazardous materials found in e-waste can cause health problems if they encounter people or are ingested by them.
  3. Landfill Overcrowding: E-waste takes up a significant amount of space in landfills, contributing to overcrowding and waste management issues.
  4. Resource Depletion: The extraction of raw materials to produce electronic devices can lead to the depletion of natural resources, such as minerals and metals.
  5. Loss of Valuable Materials: Many e-waste items contain valuable materials that can be recovered and reused, but these materials are often lost due to improper disposal.

Loop will continue to spread awareness about sustainable and ethical tech as an effective mitigator of e-waste generation.

But we are not stopping there…


You Give and We Give

Our End-of-the-Year Sale, this year, is motivated by ocean and beach preservation. We are encouraging YOU to buy a refurbished Apple device and save 5%. We will match 5% of all our global profits! Use discount code: SEACEMBER.

Join our Beach Cleanup Event

Loop Mobile, invested in making a mark not only by selling sustainable tech but also by promoting awareness of our planet’s conservation, has partnered with Volunteer Cleanup and we now need YOU to make this partnership succeed.

Beach cleanups are important events that help remove trash and debris from our beaches and coastal areas. These events not only help to keep our beaches clean and healthy but also help to protect marine life and the environment.


There are many different organizations that host beach cleanups, including non-profits, community groups, and government agencies. These organizations often work with volunteers to collect trash and debris from the beach, which is then properly disposed of or recycled. Volunteer Cleanup is one of these non-profits with a long trajectory of successful beach clean-up events all over Miami.

Other Ways to Help

If you are not in the Miami area and are interested in participating in a beach cleanup, there are many ways you can get involved.

You can search online for beach cleanup events in your area or reach out to local organizations to see if they are looking for volunteers, you can also start your own beach cleanup event by organizing a group of friends or community members and choosing a beach to clean, or donate to Volunteer Cleanup and become part of something meaningful.

Whether you participate in our Gift to our Planet sales event, volunteer for our cleanup campaign, or take action on your own, we appreciate it so much, since every little bit helps to keep our beaches clean and healthy for all to enjoy.