Device Cosmetic Conditions

Genuine Quality Devices

Your satisfaction is our priority, this is why all our devices have been tested and graded to meet your expectation. Through this process we conduct a full 75-point quality check to validate the device is fully functional with a whole range of tests conducted including checking its battery life, connectivity to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, checking that every button works and even checking the screen itself.

This means you can be sure that if you’re buying from us, you’re getting a device that works as well as the day it was born, and has at least 80% of its original battery life - which according to the world’s biggest tech brands, makes for pretty much peak performance.

Our Grading Explained. Loop Mobile Grades and Device Condition.

So what should you cosmetically expect when you buy a device from us?

We go to extreme lengths to make sure our devices look great, and work brilliantly. So we want to be as transparent as possible with the way our devices look.

The grades are there to help you choose what’s right for you.

'Pristine' devices are unmistakable from new ones. Everything’s flawless, with no scratches or marks. Not even tiny ones. Like-new condition, flawless screen and body.

Very Good:
‘Very Good’ means there might be a few very light scratches here and there - they’re so tiny you wouldn’t be able to see them unless you’re up really close. As for the screen, there might be some really light signs of use, but you wouldn’t notice them when you’re actually using it.

‘Good’ just means the scratches are a little easier to spot, and there might be a dent or two to the body.

‘Fair’ means the scratches and dents could be a little deeper. But the device will work just fine – and there’s no scratch or dent that a case can’t hide.

And for all of our accessories, we have an extra grade just for them:

New - Sealed:
'New - Sealed' means the device or product is brand-new, never opened, and in their original packaging. They come with all factory-included accessories and documents. Ideal for those who seek the perfect, brand-new device experience.

Watch our video to learn more about our grades.

So yes, our devices vary a little in the way they look. But you can be sure they all work flawlessly, which is why we can offer a 30-day returns policy and a 12-month warranty.

And this why renewed, rather than new, is a bit of a no-brainer.