5 Things You Need to Know About the M1

POSTED: Nov 2, 2022
While the M2 chip might have succeeded the M1 chip this year, the M1 is still a force to be reckoned with. The incredible performance you can expect from this beast is outstanding! Find out more about it by reading the lists of specs we have compiled for you.

Intel processors have powered the Mac since 2006. Things have changed, though, and the Mac will now use Apple's M1 chip, which is its CPU. The Apple M1 chip appears to be comparable to the iPad and iPhone in that Apple also uses A-series CPUs in those devices. This CPU, which Apple claims it’s the first for Mac computers, boosts performance and efficiency with a potent Neural Engine, an eight-core architecture, and a GPU. Thanks to this Apple Silicon, your Mac's software will function flawlessly with the iPad and iPhone. More intriguing facts about Apple's M1 processor can be found in this article. Wow! That was a mouthful. Let me break this all down for you below:



First off: What is a CPU? It is the brains of your device. All smart devices come with a CPU and you can read a more in-depth definition by reading what Digital Trends have to say about them.

The 6-core CPU (great performance for more complex application uses) in the A14 contains two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. By creating a superior Apple M1 chip, Apple has surpassed itself. According to Apple, the high-performance cores are the world's fastest central processor unit cores in low-power silicon, offering industry-leading performance for single-threaded activities.

Also, the four high-efficiency cores offer great performance at a tenth of the power. The high-efficiency cores are so potent that even though they are far more efficient, they deliver performance comparable to the dual-core Intel MacBook Air.

incredible performance


GPU? Ok I’ve heard of the CPU but what is GPU? Incredibuild explains that a GPU is a processor used in “graphic-intensive applications that rely on displaying dynamic content for gaming or compressing/decompressing streaming videos. GPUs are also being used in many other areas beyond rendering and image processing, like Artificial Intelligence and Bitcoin mining”.

The M1-equipped MacBook Air from Apple has an up to 8-core GPU with 25,000 simultaneous thread execution capabilities. According to Apple, this proves that the Apple M1 can complete extremely demanding activities. With 2.6 teraflops of throughput, the Apple M1 chip allegedly has the "fastest integrated graphics in a desktop computer in the world." The new "pros" and "minis" are exclusively offered with the 8-core GPU. The GPU for the new MacBook Air can be specified with either a 7-core or an 8-core configuration.


Neural Engine

Additionally, for the first time on the Mac, Apple's market-leading Neural Engine is integrated into the new M1 CPU. With its 16-core architecture, the M1 Neural Engine can handle 11 trillion operations per second. Since the A11 CPU was released in 2017, Apple has incorporated the Neural Engine into the iPhone and iPad.

What kind of advancements might be anticipated from Apple's M1 chip's Neural Engine? Think of the Neural Engine as a tool created expressly for machine learning tasks. This covers various topics, including voice recognition, artificial intelligence, and video analysis.

Memory & SSD


Mac employed several processors behind the Intel-based chip for GPU/CPU, I/O, Thunderbolt management, RAM, and the T2 security chip, among other things. All these chips are combined into a single system-on-chip by the new unified memory architecture in the Apple M1 processor. It is made to combine a single pool of low-latency, high-bandwidth memory in a unique package. This further boosts performance and efficiency since it permits all SoC technologies to access the same data without transferring it across different memory pools. However, this prevents you from using upgrade and extendable memory choices.

Secure Enclave & ISP

security and privacy

The Apple M1 includes Apple's Secure Enclave, which manages security-related functions like Touch ID authentication. Apple has, however, previously introduced the Secure Enclave to the Mac. Apple formerly placed the Secure Enclave into the T1 or T2 chip in Macs. However, this may now be done straight into the M1 chip.

According to Apple, the Apple M1 chip includes the most recent image signal processor, resulting in higher-quality video with improved noise reduction, enhanced white balance, and expanded dynamic range. In spite of keeping the same 720p camera, Apple claims that the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro offer superior webcam quality.

Best Place to Buy

Apple will always be the place to buy the latest brand-new technology. This year, Apple released its M2 chip. Since it was released in July, we can only claim what Apple has said the M2 can do, so we will keep you all posted. However, on paper, it does not seem to ensure a significant performance boost.

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