Best Black Friday Sales for 2022

POSTED: Nov 23, 2022
Want to buy an iPhone 13 but were waiting for this Black Friday to do so? Imagine how much you can save when you buy a refurbished iPhone 13 from Loop Mobile at insane prices!

Black Friday is a great time to buy Apple products at competitive prices. It's a real spectacle every year. If you’re waiting for Black Friday to get here so you can get your hands on an iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, or iPad, Loop Mobile will shock you with amazing discounts over discounted products. And which products are discounted for Black Friday, you ask? Let’s find out, shall we?


Although the iPhone 13 is a best-seller, its expensive price has kept it out of reach for many Apple fans. The good news is that it's now cheaper than ever.

Following the debut of the iPhone 14 in September 2022, pricing for previous versions, notably the iPhone 13 series, decreased. Plus, many folks were anxious to test out the iPhone 14 features and soon abandoned their perfectly great, less-than-a-year-old iPhone 13s (spoiler alert: the iPhone 13 and 14 are nearly identical).

So, what does this mean for iPhone 13 buyers looking for low Black Friday prices? You may get the best discounts on iPhone 13 right here, with tons of high-quality, carefully tested smartphones to choose from, all at an additional 10% OFF applied at the checkout.

Black Friday Discounts on iPhone 13


Choosing the best laptop needs some thought. However, you don't have to wait until Black Friday to get a new one or replace a broken one. Consider what you want from a laptop as a first step:

  • Which do you value more: mobility, power, or image quality?
  • Do you wish for a slim, lightweight laptop with an 11-13-inch screen size?
  • Do you want a 2-in-1 computer with a touchscreen that can also be used as a tablet?
  • Is a 15-inch to 17-inch screen required for the best viewing comfort?
  • Or are you simply looking for performance? We recommend a gaming laptop in this example. No other laptop compares in terms of performance.

Apple items are typically more expensive than their competitors. Be that as it may, whether you choose Windows or Apple is usually a question of personal preference. The benefit of purchasing a refurbished MacBook is that you receive high quality at a lesser price and don't have to wait for a special offer, which is why Loop has you covered all year long, with amazing prices on your favorite products.

black friday sale on macbooks

So, we've got your back if you want the newest models with the M1 CPU or one of the older models from 2018, 2019, or last year. Fortunately, all previous MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air models can be found on Loop Mobile since we can all agree that Apple technology lasts for years, at an additional 10% OFF with purchase on selected MacBook.

Keep reading to discover the best Black Friday Deals on Loop!

However, refurbished MacBooks allow you to get a good deal all year round, not to mention it's your way of contributing to environmental protection.


black friday deals on Apple Watch

Want to know how to get the best Black Friday deal on a refurbished Apple Watch? The Series 4 looks almost exactly like the new Apple Watch SE. Plus, it includes an electrocardiogram in the crown, which the SE doesn't have. In case you're wondering, an electrocardiogram (ECG) is a sensor that monitors the rhythm of your heartbeat and looks for any irregularities.

In one word, if you don't want to drain your pockets on the all-new Series 7 (which is unlikely to see any Black Friday Apple Watch sales this year), this is a very good watch.

The only difference between the Series 7 and Series 6 Apple Watches is a larger screen and faster charging. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of "new," but with tech blogs already dismissing this device, why buy into the hype?


If you decide you want an iPad, look into buying a refurbished one. You'll find many iPad models at excellent costs, plus you'll be helping the environment because refurbished electronics have a lower environmental impact than new electronics.

Black Friday Discounts

Loop Mobile has great deals daily, which means you can avoid crowds and get the Apple Watch you want anytime. But… we want to give you an additional discount on our Black Friday Sales Event because we care about you. Click on this link to view all your Apple favorites with slashed prices!

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