Are Apple Watches Worth It?

Should I get an Apple Watch?

POSTED: Oct 26, 2022
Apple Watches are the vanguard of the smartwatch market. Consistently out teaching the competition, stylish and clever, an Apple Watch can add a lot to your life. Costing much less than a new smartphone, 

Apple Watches are the vanguard of the smartwatch market. Consistently out teaching the competition, stylish and clever, an Apple Watch can add a lot to your life. Costing much less than a new smartphone, Apple Watches have much of the functionality of a phone, but with the compactness and convenience of a watch. Apple watches can benefit your time management, health, fitness, social media interaction, shopping, keeping in touch, having fun, and going on adventures. That’s a lot of tricks for a sleek little watch.

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Should you get an Apple Watch?

Apple Watches have features for everybody. Whether you’re looking for a device to handle your appointments, help you track your health and fitness, or keep you up to date on the latest news, Apple Watches have got you covered. They also feature Apple Pay for your shopping needs, social media to let you know what’s going on, iTunes, and GPS to let you adventure without getting lost.

These devices encompass the best parts of our smartphones, but in a compact package and for a fraction of the cost. So there’s no time like the present to tech up your wrist with an Apple Watch.

Benefits of an Apple Watch

  1. Time

Of course, an Apple watch will tell you the time, but that’s only where the time management features begin. This little device allows you to manage your life to get the best out of your time. Not only will the calendar app keep you on track, but you don’t have to worry about leaving your phone at home as you can talk, message, shop, and listen to music and podcasts without having your phone nearby, due to the cellular connectivity feature. So, an Apple Watch is well worth your time.

  1. Health and Fitness

Apple Watch

Across the various series of Apple Watches, health apps have continually improved. At a base level, you have an altimeter to measure steps up and down stairs. Series Five pushed the health benefits with an electrocardiogram app and sleep monitoring, so your watch is looking out for you. They are waterproof at 50m, you can also measure your laps in the pool. And if you have a health emergency your watch can put through an automatic call to emergency services to get you help. With some of the most advanced health apps in the market, your fitness is just a swipe away.

  1. Notifications

Never experience FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) again. With an Apple watch, you will always know what’s happening on your socials and messages, even if you’re nowhere near your phone. Operating on LTE cellular connectivity, your watch is always connected, unlike many competitors that rely on Bluetooth and require the phone to be close by. You can access your notifications with a tap and select to read them or swipe to delete them, so you’ll never have to miss another text, message, or cute pet pic again.

  1. Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay makes shopping so much easier. Whether you’re shopping online on your watch or you’re in a brick-and-mortar business, you can make your purchases effortlessly and quickly. A double click of the side button on the watch activates Apple Pay. Hold your watch up to an EFTPOS machine and the purchase is done. The best part of Apple Pay on the Apple Watch, however, is that it’s a lot harder to forget than a wallet, as it’s always on your wrist. You need never be caught short at the checkout again.

  1. Communication

Since the beginning of the smartphone era, Apple has pushed our ability to communicate to the limits. Their Apple Watches are no exception. Making calls and sending and receiving messages is only the beginning. Keep up with all of your friends through your social media accounts by getting notifications and interacting via your watch. And you’re never alone with Siri on your wrist. Whether you want to know if the sun will be shining or it will be raining cats and dogs, or to turn on your smart devices remotely, you’ve got a helping hand wherever you go.

  1. Music

Apple Watch Shazzam

If music is the food of life, you can eat until you’re full with an Apple Watch. With a couple of swipes, your playlist will be in your earbuds and making your day a little brighter or helping you dance through tasks.

Want something a little different, or like learning on the go? Apple has got your back there too. Stream podcasts through your watch for a busy and curious mind. You need never be without good tunes or thrilling tales with an Apple Watch.

  1. GPS

GPS isn’t just about not getting lost. Apple Watches make the most of this feature by using it to track your workouts, so it’s a travel guide and fitness tracker in one.

Take it adventuring and find some new spots to explore or use it to track your walks and runs to push you further. With an Apple Watch, you’ve got the freedom to go anywhere and to train your body to go further and reach higher.

So, Should I get an Apple Watch?

Get an Apple Watch at Loop Mobile

Only you can know the answer to this. But if the question is “can you”, then the answer is an absolute “YES”! Loop brings the Apple Watch to you at the price you can afford to pay for it.

An Apple Watch can open your world while keeping you in touch with what’s important to you. Manage your time, to get the best out of your day. Look after yourself and track your health to reach your goals. Stay up to date with people and the news you care about. Shop easily with Apple Pay on your wrist. Feed your soul with music and podcasts to brighten your day. Go adventuring and never get lost. The benefits of an Apple Watch are endless, so check out Loop Mobile’s collection of refurbished Apple Watches here for your new watch.

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